5 Best Bassinet 2020 for Your Baby’s Safe Sleep

Are you expecting a baby? It’s one of the most exciting periods in life for you and your partner. You get to buy all those cute baby outfits and toys, decorate a nursery, and prepare yourselves for welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world.

There are also some decisions to make. Like – where will your baby sleep? There are plenty of options, so we’ve reviewed the comfiest and safest beds to help you pick the best bassinet for your little one.

Best Bassinet for Newborn & Little Babies – Detailed Reviews

1. Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper | Best Baby Bassinet

Best bassinet for baby

During the first few months, your baby needs to eat every two or three hours. Whether you’re breastfeeding or using formula, having your baby sleep as close as possible might be more convenient. That’s why the Mika Micky bedside bassinet is an excellent choice.

Product Highlights

If you prefer co-sleeping, but you’d like to avoid the dangers of putting the baby in your bed, a bedside sleeper may be an ideal solution. The Mika Micky bassinet is a portable and adjustable baby bed that easily fits any adult bed with the seven possible heights. It’s also assembled in minutes – just attach the bassinet with the two straps you’ll find in the package.

The bassinet is covered with a soft material that prevents injuries and, at the same time, doesn’t represent a suffocation hazard for your baby. Two of the sides are made of breathable mesh that enables good airflow and lets you see your baby.

This model can also work as a standalone bassinet. It comes with wheels so you can easily move it around your home. That’s particularly important for mothers still recovering from giving birth. The wheels can be locked, so you don’t need to worry about the bassinet accidentally moving.

You can also keep a couple of diapers, tissues, and baby cream in the two pockets on the side of the bassinet.

Make sure you follow the instructions when attaching the bassinet to your bed. The straps need to be secured and hold tight. The manufacturer also recommends using only Mika Micky fitted sheets with this particular bassinet.

When your baby outgrows the bassinet, weighs more than 33 lbs., can roll over or flip to the side, or sit up without assistance, it’s time to say goodbye to it.

What We Like

This bassinet is convenient because you can quickly move it around. You can have your baby sleep in the living room during the day while you’re doing the chores or getting some rest.

What We Don’t Like

The legs with wheels should fit under your bed when the bassinet is appropriately attached. If your bed doesn’t have enough room for these legs to roll under, you should probably look at other models.

  • Foldable side panel
  • Portable bassinet
  • Suitable for babies up to 33lbs, which is pretty awesome.
  • Adjustable height to fit any adult bed, which makes it a perfect co-sleeper bassinet
  • Might lean towards one side

2. Babybjörn Cradle | Best Premium Baby Bassinet

Best baby bassinet

Are you into minimalism? Would you like a simplistic and beautifully designed cradle that will fit into your décor and keep your baby secured and cozy? The Babybjörn rocking bassinet may well tick all of your boxes.

Product Highlights

Babybjörn makes sure your baby only gets the premium quality products. This brand also cares about elegance, so their white rocking bassinet isn’t just a safe place to put your baby to sleep, but it also looks stunning. The bassinet is JPMA certified. The manufacturer advises packing up the cradle when your baby reaches 18 lbs., can sit up or kneel, or turns six months old.

This bassinet is steady but extremely lightweight so you can move it anywhere without hassle, despite not having wheels. The legs are sturdy and durable, while the foot won’t damage the floor.

The cradle sides are made of a transparent polyester mesh, which provides excellent airflow and allows you and your baby to see each other. This lets you check on your little one at all times. The mesh sides are also very soft, have a low height, and don’t have any metal parts that could harm the baby.

The mesh fabric is Oeko-Tex certified and safe for your baby’s skin. It’s removable, and you can wash it in your washing machine. Don’t forget to use the gentle cycle. The best practice is to let the fabrics air dry before putting them back. The mattress cover is waterproof and also machine washable.

It’s also a rocking bassinet – it can put your baby to sleep with soothing, gentle rocking. The spring suspension system won’t let the bassinet get stuck, and you can move it in any direction.

What We Like

This bassinet is designed to provide the best possible care and safety for your baby. The materials are tested and certified so you can be sure they don’t contain any toxic substances. The construction is sturdy, while the transparent mesh allows you to keep an eye on the infant.

What We Don’t Like

The baby will outgrow it very fast. If your baby is tiny, it’s worth the money as you’ll be able to use it for longer. However, if your baby is born tall, this might not be the best option.

  • Lightweight and compact bassinet
  • Easy to clean
  • Gentle rocking motion, in short it is also a rocking bassinet.
  • JPMA certified
  • A bit expensive, premium stuff is usually expensive.

3. Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper| Best Swivel Baby Bassinet

Best co sleeper bassinet for baby

C-sections and difficult births might leave you in more pain than usual. Is there something that can make those first months easier? Luckily, yes! If you’re looking for the best swivel baby bassinet, check out the Halo BassiNest swivel sleeper.

Product Highlights

Unlike a classic bedside bassinet, you can’t attach the Halo bassinet swivel to your bed. However, you can place it next to it, so the baby is close enough to pick it up without you having to get up. You can lower the sides of the bassinets so you can easily reach your little one and breastfeed or soothe them until they’re back to sleep. If you want to, you can also lock the sides, so they don’t bend.

The side panels are made of breathable mesh material, so good airflow is ensured. The mattress pad is waterproof and easy to clean, as well as the fitted sheet. You can wash it in your washing machine while you can use a damp cloth to clean the rest of the bassinet and the mattress. All the materials used for this bassinet are tested and nontoxic. The product is JPMA certified – it meets all the necessary safety requirements.

Another great feature is the 360-degree rotation. You don’t have to move the whole bassinet to get out of the bed. You can rotate it just enough to get up and not worry about the cradle collapsing as you do so. The leg is sturdy and stable, especially when the base is stuck under your bed.

The bassinet can support babies up to 20 lbs. or five months old. That’s probably when you’ll notice that your baby can roll over on their own or is trying to sit up, so you should stop using the bassinet.

What We Like

This bassinet is extremely easy to work with as it can rotate and swivel. But don’t let this feature deceive you – it’s also stable enough to keep the baby secured.

What We Don’t Like

Although it’s one of the reasons the cradle is so stable, the base of the foot takes up too much space on the floor. It may be tricky to get around it at night when it’s dark.

  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Easily lowered sides
  • Four heights adjustable to any adult bed, good for co-sleeping.
  • Waterproof mattress pad without toxic retardants.
  • Quite heavy, you probably won’t be able to move it on your own (depending upon your muscular strength)

4. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet | Best Baby Bassinet for Changing Diapers

best bedside bassinet

Many baby products are designed to make the parents’ lives easier and to save them from buying a bunch of items that will only last for a couple of weeks. Graco had this in mind when they created a bassinet that quickly turns into a diaper changing station!

Product Highlights

This bassinet comes in two colors and has four legs, so it’s very stable. The weight limit for the changer is 30 lbs. When your baby can kneel or sit up without assistance, you should move the child to a crib as bassinets are no longer considered safe.

The bassinets that you can convert into changing tables and keep your baby clean at all times are very popular. This Graco bassinet isn’t too heavy and has wheels so you can move it to another room or even your yard. You can, of course, lock the wheels to make sure the bassinet won’t move unless you want it to.

The Graco Dream Suite bassinet also has a canopy. It will keep your baby protected from the sunlight, and it also enables you to put a mosquito net over the crib.

How is Graco different from other brands? This lovely bassinet also has a two-speed vibration option to soothe your baby and help it fall asleep faster. The canopy also lets you keep your baby occupied with hanging toys.

The mesh sides allow excellent visibility and proper ventilation while being soft enough to create a safe place for your baby to sleep. The bassinet is pretty compact, so it will fit into a small bedroom. Also, the spacious storage under the mattress is quite useful for keeping the essentials close at all times.

What We Like

Where will your baby sleep, or where can you change the diapers? No worries if you opt for the Graco Dream Suite. You have two solutions in one item, with an additional canopy and storage basket to help you be prepared for any situation.

What We Don’t Like

The mattress included in the bassinet might not be the best choice for a newborn. It’s well known that babies should sleep on firm surfaces to avoid suffocation hazards. However, this mattress seems to sag too quickly, so it might not last as long as it should.

  • Extremely stable
  • The changer supports babies up to 30lbs.
  • Suitable for diaper changing
  • Vibrating option to soothe the baby.
  • The mattress sags quickly

5. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet | Best Budget Baby Bassinet

Baby bassinet

Don’t think you’re limited if you’re on a budget. The best bassinet for your baby doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Take a look at the beautiful Fisher-Price Soothing Motions bassinet.

Product Highlights

If you like modern bassinets with many exciting features, such as lights and sounds, this Fisher-Price model might be ideal for you. It features relaxing and soothing sounds and vibrations, gentle rocking, lighting options, and a mobile that will have your baby’s attention. That means this bassinet is also suitable for the periods between naps when your baby is awake.

The maximum weight recommendation is 40 lbs., which means this bassinet supports more weight than most models on the market. Make sure you stop using the bassinet if your baby can pull itself up before it reaches this weight. Bear in mind that the sides are a bit lower than in other brands.

Like similar bassinets, the sides of this one are made of transparent mesh fabric, which enables great visibility and ventilation for your baby. The mattress is thin but has the necessary firmness for the baby to sleep safely, but it’s not attached to the construction. The bassinet base is very stable, so the bassinet can’t be knocked over.

What We Like

The bassinet is beautifully designed and has a mobile with hanging toys over the baby’s head. As long as the baby can’t reach it, it’s a great way to stimulate their development with colors and movement. Also, even though Soothing Motions isn’t a classic bedside bassinet, it will still fit next to your bed.

What We Don’t Like

It may not be very easy to clean the bassinet. The mesh sides and the mattress aren’t removable, so you could wash them with a wet cloth, but it’s not the same as washing them in a machine. Also, this bassinet model isn’t portable, so you’d need help to move it to another room.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Different light and sound options to soothe your baby.
  • A mobile to keep your baby entertained.
  • The metal frame isn’t covered with fabric.
  • Too heavy to move on your own.

The Complete Baby Bassinet Buyer’s Guide For You

When your child’s safety and comfort are in question, it’s only natural you want the best bassinet you can find. Here are some features you want to look for in a quality bassinet.

Types of Baby Bassinets

A suitable type of bassinet depends on your needs, your home, and your lifestyle.

A portable bassinet is practical for traveling with your baby. You can easily set it up in a few minutes, as well as disassemble it. This type is also called a travel bassinet because you can use it in a car – you only need to remove the bassinet legs.

A moving bassinet has wheels, so you can effortlessly move it around your house. These are great if you spend a lot of time alone with your baby because you can take the bassinet from one room to another. A rocking bassinet is a subtype – they’re great for putting your baby to sleep as they provide soothing swaying motions similar to those babies experience in the womb.

A co-sleeping (bedside) bassinet, unlike freestanding bassinets, is placed next to your bed. Many breastfeeding moms consider this type of bassinets extremely useful for feeding the baby during the night. You can attach a bedside bassinet to your bed with straps. The side next to your bed is usually foldable.

A multipurpose bassinet can be converted into a playpen for the baby. Sometimes, it can even be used as a stroller or changing table. Multipurpose bassinets can typically be used longer than traditional ones.


Baby mattresses shouldn’t be too soft. Soft beds can increase the risk of the baby getting stuck and being unable to move. This can lead to suffocation. Therefore, experts recommend firm surfaces for young infants. They prevent babies from sinking into the padding and also decreases the risk of SIDS.

Check if the mattress is flexing by pressing it. If it dips a lot, it may not be suitable for a newborn. Don’t forget to consider the size of the mattress, as well. It should fit perfectly into the bassinet without creating gaps where your baby could get trapped.


Depending on your personal preferences and needs, a portable bassinet may work well if you need to move a lot with the baby.

Some consider moving bassinets a type of portable ones because you can easily transport from one room to another. Portable bassinets allow you to take your baby anywhere by car if you remove the stand and use the bassinet as a carrier.

If you choose a portable bassinet, ensure the stand is sturdy enough to support the baby’s weight. Also, make sure that the wheels have locks to prevent potential accidents. That’s even more important if the bassinet is close to stairs or you have other children or pets around.


Canopies can be a useful addition to a bassinet. They can prevent sunlight from disturbing the baby and enable them to sleep more peacefully during the day. If the bassinet is portable, you can also take it outside. Also, if you add a mosquito net, the bassinet will be a genuinely safe place for your little one.

Most canopies are removable so you can retract them or take them off when not in use. In some models, you can also adjust the height or add hanging toys.

If you opt for a bassinet with a canopy or mobile, make sure the baby can grab them. If the canopy has ties or ornaments, hide them out of the baby’s sight. The mobile should be securely attached to the bassinet and also out of reach.


Although you might consider rocking an excellent feature, it can quickly turn into a potentially dangerous one. As babies grow very fast, you’ll soon notice your little one has learned how to roll over. They might move to one side of the bassinet and cause it to tilt. The baby might slide to the side of the bassinet and start suffocating.

However, you don’t need to give up on rocking altogether. When choosing a bassinet, make sure it can be locked so the baby can’t tilt it no matter how much they’re rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs About Baby Bassinets

  • Are Bassinets Safe for Babies to Sleep In?

    Bassinets are generally safe for babies to sleep in as long as you follow the basic infant safety rules.

    Before buying a bassinet, ensure the CPSC hasn’t recalled the product. Check if the manufacturer is certified because that means they’ve followed the latest safety guidelines. This may mean you need to look at some newer models. The older ones might not meet the updated standards.

    You should make sure that you’ve set up the bassinet correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and check if everything is attached correctly before you put your baby into the bassinet.

    You should also pay attention to the baby’s weight. Generally, an infant can sleep in a bassinet until they’re around 15 lbs. Some bassinet models can support up to 20 lbs., but make sure you check this in the user’s manual.

    If you’re not sure or don’t have the manual, look it up online. In case you can’t find this information, take 15lbs as the weight limit. Bassinets are typically not recommended for babies older than six months.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) even says you should make the transition to the crib when your child is one month old and weighs around 10 lbs. This is the limit for some bassinet brands.

  • Is it Safe to Add Additional Padding or Blankets in The Bassinet?

    Whether you have a crib or a bassinet, the rules are the same. You shouldn’t place any stuffed toys, pillows, bumper pads, or heavy blankets in your baby’s bed.

    A newborn isn’t strong enough to lift their head or free themselves if they flip onto their stomach while sleeping. This is a potentially dangerous situation because they might suffocate if stuck in a pillow or a blanket. You shouldn’t get scared, but it’s something you should take seriously.

    A bare bassinet will work best, as well as checking up on your baby while they’re asleep. If you think the baby might be cold, consider a sleep sack rather than a blanket, but make sure the baby isn’t too hot either. As for the pillow, your child probably won’t need one until they’re a toddler.

  • Do I Need a Crib AND a Bassinet?

    As we already mentioned, babies can sleep in a bassinet until they’re around six months old and weigh about 15 lbs. Until your baby reaches that weight, you don’t need a crib. When your baby becomes too big for the bassinet, you should consider getting a standard crib, a portable one, or a play yard.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics advises choosing between these two. It’s up to you, as long as you check if the product is compliant with the safety regulations.

    However, there’s a practical reason for having both. What if you have a non-portable crib, but you’re planning to travel with your newborn? Or you want to spend every weekend at your parents’ house? A portable bassinet might be the right solution here while your baby still fits in one.

    Older generations will probably tell you they raised you without a bassinet and warn you that it might be just a waste of money. But why not use the conveniences of the modern world to make your life easier?

  • What’s the Difference Between a Bassinet and a Crib?

    It’s good to know that your baby will be safe no matter what you choose. However, some differences may help you opt for one or another.

    Bassinets are typically smaller. Many models are portable, so parents often consider them easier to handle. Some models also have a cover so you can use the bassinet outside and pull the hood over the baby to protect them from the sun, for instance. If you have a small bedroom, you might find a bassinet more practical. If the mother had a C-section, she would probably find it more comfortable to pick up the baby from a bassinet. The biggest downside is the limited use – up to six months at most.

    Cribs are generally bigger, and there are fewer portable models. However, a significant advantage is that you can use them until your baby is a toddler. Many models have two levels and can also be converted into toddler beds when you add a bed rail. Cribs usually cost more than bassinets.

  • Do I Need More Than One Bassinet?

    Unless you don’t feel like taking the bassinet with you when visiting friends and relatives, there’s no need to buy more than one bassinet. If you make sure you’ve bought or borrowed a quality bassinet that’s correctly assembled, it should serve you well.

    Also, bear in mind that manufacturers can’t guarantee the baby’s safety once they’re over 15-20 lbs. Investing in a high-quality crib might pay off more than buying more than one bassinet.

Final Verdict

People used to bring into question the safety of a baby sleeping in a bassinet. However, today there’s no doubt bassinets are one of the best options for newborns. Manufacturers are required to meet the highest safety standards, so there’s no need to give up on the perks bassinets provide.

So, which is the best bassinet? If we had to choose one of the reviewed bassinets as our ultimate recommendation, we’d go with the Babybjörn cradle. Babybjörn bassinets might not be as affordable as the other reviewed models, but they’re undoubtedly the safest ones for your baby. All the guidelines are strictly followed, from non-toxic substances in the mattress and sheets to stable construction and simple design that won’t cause any suffocation hazards. It’s also easy to clean and move to another room if necessary.

However, Mika Micky and Graco are suitable choices if you’re looking for a less expensive bassinet. They will also keep your baby safe as long as you assemble them correctly.

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